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Cell PhoneCell phone networks provide e-mail addresses that correspond to the cell phone numbers. For example, to send an e-mail message to a Cingular cellular phone, simply address your e-mail to, where nnnnnnnnnn is the 10-digit phone number.

How the Message is Formatted: If the subject line is longer than 40 characters it will be cut off. All formatting from the body of the e-mail will be ignored, and if the body of the e-mail is longer than a certain length (perhaps 150 characters) it may be cut off as well — or it may be transmitted in multiple parts, depending on the carrier.

Cellular Service Providers in North America: Here is a list of all of the e-mail address domains that I could find for carriers in North America. In all cases, the format for the e-mail address is the 10 digit cell phone number, followed by the at-sign, followed by the domain name. I can’t vouch for how current these are. I haven’t actually tried them all. So, please submit corrections (as comments).

Bell Atlantic
Bell Mobility (Canada)
Cellular One
Cingular Wireless
Rogers Wireless
Sprint PCS
T-Mobile or
Verizon Wireless

A Universal Domain: is a free service that automatically determines the carrier for a cell phone number and routes the message accordingly. To use it, simply address the e-mail to In my very unscientific testing, the service works great. A message sent to a Cingular phone arrived in exactly the same condition as it did when sent directly to (subject truncated to 40 characters, body sent in 6 parts), and the amount of time it took to be delivered was not noticeably any longer. TeleFlip has been around for years. As long as it continues to work, and continues to be free, it’s a great alternative for having to determine the individual domain names on a phone-by-phone basis.

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  3. Currently the new AT&T you have the 10 digit cell phone number

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