Prioritized RSS Reading with FeedGhost (Windows)

FeedGhost LogoI received a tip from one of our readers about a new RSS feed reader that looks interesting. It’s called FeedGhost. The product’s focus is on making it easy to prioritize your reading, both by automatically watching your reading habits and adjusting itself accordingly as well as by your purposeful tuning. I haven’t had time to do full review, but I wanted to be sure to pass along a discount code for the pro version before it expires.

Feature Highlights:

  • Read in either “river-of-news” mode or an Outlook-style “list” mode.
  • Tagging of articles or web-pages for later reading.
  • Share articles with others in your own link-blogs and embeddable gadgets.
  • Instant search for articles over your entire reading history.
  • Seamless synchronization across multiple computers.

Lite Version: FeedGhost starts with an unlimited-features 30-day free trial. After that, it reverts to the Lite version which is limited to 20 feeds. The pro version, with unlimited feeds is $20/year ($15 with the discount).

Pro Version Discount Code: The code “GetThingsDone” gets you a 25% discount. (Their choice of codeword was one of the first things that piqued my interest. Any product created by fans of the David Allen Getting Things Done book is definitely worth a looksee.)


Platform: Any version of Windows, including Vista (requires .Net 2.0).
Author: Binary Components, Ltd.
Price: The lite version is free. The pro version is $20/year ($15 with the discount).
Download Link:

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