Make Windows XP look like Mac OS X

Mac XP image
You can make Windows XP look like a Mac in just a few steps. This includes having a fully functioning dock that allows you to launch programs and minimize active programs to the dock. This dock has bouncing icons like Mac OS X and also has similar animations when programs are minimized and maximized. Click the screenshot above to see an enlarged version. I will walk you through the process of making Windows XP look like Mac OS X and gain some of the functionality.

The first step is to install the dock at the bottom. This application is called Rocket Dock and I am using the Beta release. You can download Beta 3 of Rocket Dock from File Forum.

Once you install Rocket Dock you need to set it up so that it launches at startup and allows you to minimize activate applications. You can access the dock settings by clicking on the hammer and yellow tool icon on the dock. The settings are shown below:
Mac XP image 2

You still need to hide the windows panel. You can do this by right-clicking on the panel and going to properties and selecting “Auto-hide the taskbar.”

Don’t be afraid to hide the start menu. There is a really handy tool that will allow you launch your programs without using the Start menu. This tool is called Launchy and I wrote a post on it a few weeks ago.

Lastly, you need a Mac-esque wallpaper. Feel free to search or use Wallpapr to find one that suits your fancy.

Enjoy, that’s it! You gain some of the aesthetics of Mac OS X without losing the functionality of Windows and without shelling out any money.


  1. this is pretty neat!

  2. very god

  3. You could also just install Flyakite OSX from, does that and way, way more, skinning e.t.c…

  4. Dwayne… the adress u posted does not work… could u send it again or to me…

    im interested! :-)


  5. hey this is pretty good …..i like it

  6. Hmmm, this is pretty amazing, and I was going to go and buy this, saves me a lot of money :)

  7. Way Weird.
    Click My Site Link And Go My OSX Page And Download That There Are Screenshots Also
    the address for that is

  8. Yo Mine Is One Folder With A Easy readme help file so just go the link above

  9. @Nothingsuspicoushere; The link on that page doesn’t work(The file is damaged)

  10. its a lot easier to do it if you download flyakite OS X and get Object Dock. that will change everything from the windows to the login screen. also, there are emulators which even make startup look like a mac… just thought id say that.

  11. oh, also, just so you know. no matter what you do you cant open mac stuff without an actual mac. they make mac versions of some kinds of mac software for windows though.

  12. this thing is great but it only works for 40 days so la de da de da

  13. Hey.. The Flyakite osx – url posted by dwayne has a ‘,’ included in the URL. thats y it doesn’t work.. try it without the ‘,’ (comma)…

  14. if u dl a emulator/trans pack apple can sue you just to let you all know

  15. Do not download Flyakite OSX, it makes the system tool tray at the bottom instead of the top, doesnt make it feel like mac.

  16. I want make my xp like mac. anybody help me? thanks

  17. cool mac

  18. Adjusting the volume on Mac is much nicer than on Windows. It’s a silly little thing but there’s an app that makes adjusting your volume much easier and look just like it does on a Mac. With shortcuts using your NUMPAD you can easily raise (ALT & +), lower (ALT & -), and mute (ALT & *) your system sound:

  19. Or you could just go if you are a more advanced user you could install OSx86

  20. good

  21. Rocket dock isn’t available from that link. gives this error:

    I’m terribly sorry, but you’re too late :(
    The page you are looking for suffered a fatal deletion…
    We had to burry it in the back yard.

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