Delete an in-use file

Delete error imageSpyware and viruses can be difficult to delete. Often times when you locate spyware on your computer and try to delete the file you get the following error: “Cannot delete file: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.” There is an easy way to remove these files.

Install Creative Element Power tools. You can download Creative Element Power tools from their website.

Now when you right click on an icon, you will have the ability to “Delete in-use file.” See the screenshot below:
Delete in-use file image

If you choose to delete the in-use file you will be prompted with the following dialogue. If you choose “OK” the file will be deleted when you restart.

Delete in-use file 1


  1. I prefer Unlocker — you don’t have to wait until you reboot. And when you get that windows error message, it automatically pops up and asks what you want to do:

  2. Instead of downloading that, try this:
    1) Download hijack this (it’s free, and no install, just 1 file)
    2) Goto options>tools in hijack this and in there you can do the very same thing.

    if you don’t want to install any apps – it’s still simple:
    1) Restart your computer in Safe Mode.
    2) Delete the file (safe mode only loads windows drivers, so no other programs will be started).

  3. i’m looking for a software that I can use to force delete in-use files. thanks for the software. and i also like to say thanks to joe k for the unlocker tool.

  4. the link is not working

  5. Hi Jigar, I’m having one pbeolrm with my idea netsetter . in the starting when i connects to ineternet it get connected with WCDMA but nowadays it connects with EDGE only and i’m geeting low speed .. So please give me any solution for it ..

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