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CodeJacked boot skin example
Previously, I posted about how to change the default Windows XP boot splash screen. I also mentioned that I would do a tutorial on creating your own boot splash screen. This can be done fairly easily and I will demonstrate below. If you would prefer to work from the splash screen above feel free to download mine and modify it. Boot splash screens are simply compressed (zipped) files with the extension changed from .zip to .bootskin. If you download mine just rename it to and extract it.

1. The first thing you need to do is download BootSkin which will allow you to change the boot splash screen on Windows XP.
Download link: BootSkin via

2. The second step is create your own boot splash screen. The parameters for creating a boot splash screen are simple, but rigid. Your image must be 640 x 480 pixels and it must also be saved as a 16 color bitmap (.bmp extension).

You can crop an image and save it as a 16 color bitmap using Paint, shown below:

Bitmap image

3. After creating your own 640 x 480 pixel image saved as a 16 color bitmap, you must create a “bootskin.ini” file. The bootskin.ini file must include the text below (download my bootskin.ini file if you would prefer):
Name= “CodeJacked”
Author= “Kyle Pott via”
Description = “bootskin”
ProgressBarX = 244
ProgressBarY = 248
ProgressBarWidth = 150

4. The bootskin.ini file is pretty simple. As you can see you can add a progress bar to your splash screen and choose the width and location of your progress bar. If you decide to make a progress bar it must be bitmap as well.

5. The last step is to put your image, and bootskin.ini file into a compressed file and rename the extension from .zip to .bootskin and click the newly created file. BootSkin will launch and you can preview and apply your newly created boot splash screen.

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  1. how do I change a .zip file into a .bootscreen file?? Help, I’ve looked every where!

  2. @alicia: All you need to do is rename the .zip extension to .bootscreen. You don’t need to convert anything. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Hello. I followed your guide and made a bootskin. I also renamed it to .bootskin, but when i import it, it says: BootSkin imported successfully, but when i scroll down it isn’t there, why?

  4. the bootskin software bugs! When ever the boot screen shows up,it restarts again,and repeats again & again.

  5. I got the same as Phonix… i have the bootskin file all lovely, and it says its imported… but never shows up there :(

  6. that is cool i cant do any thing her

  7. Is there any way to make the progress bar fade out right before it loops the way it does on the original win xp boot screen? In my opinion that would be the only thing that could make it any cooler! Thanks!

  8. try using advanced winrar compressor… beats winzip by a million years and work fine!!!

  9. Hi. Thanks for this tutorial. I have done everything exactly as you described. The problem I’m having is that my PC won’t boot up afterwards. I have even tried it with just your boot screen (unmodified) but still the same. Any ideas?




    There is an error in the artice.

  11. ….great concept loved it, the only thing I got for foolin with this was several blue screens

  12. Sometime it works but some time not.

  13. hello nice job but whenever i do it my boot screen does not show up please help my email is

  14. How 2 make a progress bar…….
    I can only make a still bar but how 2 make a moving progress bar which actually shows progress…..???

    Please Help Me Out…………

  15. i have download a bootskin and i extract it using winrar. after that, zip in back to .bootskin file. i open it, it not show on the bootsin program???? may be have some setting i haven’t done yet. anyone help .

  16. Hi, I was wondering if you know how to change the post screen image? I am guessing you have to flash the pc to do it, but not sure how. want to remove my old company logo

  17. hey i had followed hte procedure exactly as you said,
    but there it shows that the file is corrupt and so on etc, this type of problem occurs whenever i import the own made bootskin

  18. This Moron Doesn’t Know What The Hell He’s Doing.
    Just Go Into The STARDOCK Folder In The PROGRAMS Folder Of Your Windows System And Edit THOSE BMPs. Keep The Bootskin.ini as it (they) Are, But Edit The Pics To Whatever You Want….BE SURE TO GET STARDOCKS BOOTSKIN, Though.

  19. i save my pic as 16 bit picture and it gets a msg saying the change of the format may change the color then i press yes then the colors become messy and not as iwanted them to be

  20. i’m confused…

  21. I nt undastand.. plz help me to do tis..

  22. Hey… I created an awesome boot skin in 16 bit thingy using your “template”… However, when i boot up, the supposed to be black background becomes grey and everything is like opposite colors… on preview it looks perfect. What do i do??? please post a reply soon thanks

  23. i cant get it.
    i converted .zip to .bootskin didnt work.


  24. Start>run>cmd

    go to “*.zip” file directory.
    Example :

    cd Documents and Settings
    cd User
    cd Desktop

    and type command:

    ren zipname.bootscreen

    Cheers, Fauster.

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