Change the default Windows boot splash screen

Boot splash image
When your computer boots up, your Windows boot splash screen probably looks like the one above. However, this can easily be changed with a free program named BootSkin (screenshot below). BootSkin is extremely easy to use and comes by default with some additional splash screens. BootSkin also allows you to install additional splash screens from your local computer. Over 30 additional splash screens are available for free at the BootSkin homepage. If you want to spruce up, customize, or make your personal theme more complete, this is a great (and easy) way to do so. Here is a post about how to create your own custom boot skin.

BootSkin image

Download Link: BootSplash via Softpedia

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  1. Hi,

    Is there a way of automatically rolling this out across multiple machines?


  2. I followed you example for creating a bootscreen to a tee using bootskin it said bootskin imported sucessfully but its not there. I don’t understand whats goining on.I used your example downloaded it to my computer follow the Istructions an your worked but when I did mine the same as yours it did not work this is driving me crazy..

    help me if you would

    Much Thanks!

  3. warning, be careful when you use this tool, and yse it at your own risk. i used it som moths ago sucsesfully but 3 time i did it i endet up with the error: ntldr is missing, which resultet in 1½ moths of waiting (i sent it in just before a hollyday) and a loss of all my data.
    it was maby my foult downloading a bootskin from the net and blindly trusting that it would work, but i just want to warn you all that it can seriusly ****up your pc if you arent carefull. (i think my error was getting a bootskin for xp sp3 for my xp sp2)

    good luck and happy rebootings:D and sorry for bad spelling

  4. I would like to change the Windows 2000 Professional Boot Screen, But i have troubles So Please Help!

  5. Folks – it is one thing to not being able to SPELL But with the hours and hours in which you use your computer(s)….how lazy can you be to not install a ‘spell check’ !
    You know what’s in your mind but We do not. Some of the posts Folks make can not be understood. This is basic communication skills!
    An suggestion…try the free program IESPELL. During use of it – in most instances – you merely ‘right click’ then choose ‘check spelling’ – so easy.

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