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  1. Hi,

    We were wondering if you could review/mention our add-in–Navipane–on your site. Navipane allows one to navigate his/her documents intuitively via a hierarchical “tree”. It has a multitude of other features like Integrated Search, Favorites and Groups, and History, to mention a few.

    For more information on Navipane, see our page at http://www.viziware.com/

    P.S. Navipane gets updated very frequently. Our goal is to make it the most useful add-in to navigate within Microsoft Office. As such, we are rolling out a new update very soon. We would greatly appreciate if you could suggest some “killer” features that would make it even better.

    The least we could do to reciprocate this favor is to give you a free copy of the Navipane suite of products, and our Ribbon Clicker products.


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