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Translating Text to Other Languages

A reader from Germany asked a question (in German) in the comments of one of our blog posts.  We’re always glad to help here at CodeJacked, and luckily I can read a little bit of German.  But it was a little bit too much for my limited ability.  Luckily there are websites that can help.  I turned to, copying her text and pasting it into Babelfish then selecting German to English translation.  It has a hard time with expressions and slang terms, but it’s good enough to get the gist of what’s being said, plus it’s free so you can’t beat that!
So, if you’re not familiar with a language you can still get by with a little help from technology.

Feel free to use it to post comments on our website.  It’ll let other readers understand what you’re saying and hopefully help them out too.

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