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CodeJacked Readers’ Top 6 Favorite Productivity Sites

In my last two articles on reader favorites, I gave you the favorite technology and news-related websites from readers who responded to our CodeJacked Reader Opinion Poll. This is the final installment of that three-part series. Now I bring you the top 6 sites CodeJacked readers visit for productivity tips and tricks to get things done.
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UltraVNC PC-to-PC Remote Control

UltraVNC LogoUltraVNC is one of many options for remotely controlling one computer from another across the Internet. Generically, VNC is a cross-platform protocol. For example, you could control a Windows box from Linux. UltraVNC is an implementation of VNC for the PC. The latest version, currently in beta, adds Vista support.
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Quick Link: Run Linux from a Pen Drive

Pen Drive LinuxIf you are looking for an easy way to get started learning Linux, here’s a cool idea: has dozens of tutorials for installing Linux on a USB device. This is perfect for anyone who is afraid of touching their current installation by repartitioning the hard drive for dual boot. With this scenario, all you need is:

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CodeJacked Readers’ Top 8 Favorite General/News Sites

In the results of our CodeJacked Reader Opinion Poll, the websites you pointed out included not just news and tips from the tech world, but also popular sites for all sorts of Internet news and updates. Track what’s up-and-coming in the world or on the Web with these 8 sites, our CodeJacked readers’ favorites in the realm of general interest.
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CodeJacked Readers’ Top 6 Favorite Tech Sites

In our recent CodeJacked Reader Opinion Poll, we asked about your favorite places on the Web (besides CodeJacked, of course). Thanks to all of you who responded! The results have been tallied, and now I present the first of a three-part series on reader favorites: The top 6 sites where you get your technology news.
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Easily Manage Deeply Nested Sub-Folders (Windows)

Here are a couple of time-saving tips for managing the files in a deeply nested directory “tree” (i.e. a folder with lots of subfolders, and sub-subfolders). Say, for example, there is a folder that contains all of the files associated with a program that was previously installed. You’d like to uninstall the program, but before you do, you want to be sure to save off any data files and/or configuration files that might have been intermixed with the program files. (We are assuming that the program did not come with an uninstall utility, or else you don’t trust it to preserve the data and config files.)

One way to do it, is to manually navigate the directory tree, clicking in and out of each subfolder, and sub-subfolder, one by one. But, there are faster ways.
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