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Delete your TEMP files on shutdown

It is really easy to set Windows XP to delete the contents of your Temp folder (or run any other commands) on shutdown. There are numerous reasons why you might want to delete your Temporary files when you shutdown Windows XP. Your Temporary files folder can get extremely large. Take a look at what’s in C:\WINDOWS\Temp.
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A beginners guide to the Command Prompt

Command Prompt small imageMost Windows users don’t know what the Command Prompt is or how to use it. This is a beginners guide to using the Command Prompt.

What is the Command Prompt? The Command Prompt is a native Windows program that lets you execute commands without using a GUI. You can accomplish pretty much every task you can do using Windows and the mouse from within the Command Prompt. The Command Prompt gets its roots (arguably) from a combination of MS-DOS and UNIX. Consider it “Windows without the windows. ” I will provide you with a beginners tutorial of some simple commands to familiarize you with the Command Prompt.

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Taskbar screenshots of open applications

Tooltip images
There is a new function built into Windows Vista that displays a miniaturized screenshot of the application window when you mouse over the application in the taskbar. This is a neat function that you can extend into Windows XP by installing a third-party application called Visual Task Tips. Visual Task Tips is freeware and very handy for when you have multiple instances of an application open.

Download Link: Visual Task Tips via Visual Task Tip homepage

Make Windows XP look like Mac OS X

Mac XP image
You can make Windows XP look like a Mac in just a few steps. This includes having a fully functioning dock that allows you to launch programs and minimize active programs to the dock. This dock has bouncing icons like Mac OS X and also has similar animations when programs are minimized and maximized. Click the screenshot above to see an enlarged version. I will walk you through the process of making Windows XP look like Mac OS X and gain some of the functionality.
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Create .htaccess files online

htaccess creator image
Previously I posted about how to graphically create .htaccess files. I have done myself one better and created a list of sites that automate the creation of .htaccess files. Now you can secure your server without having to remember any syntax or install any third party programs. The first link on the list is by far the most robust and useful.
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Install Black Windows XP Royale Theme

Black Windows Theme Image
A black version of the Windows Royale Theme has been released for Windows XP. In order to install this theme you need to unzip the “msroyale” folder to G:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\msroyale. Once the folder is there click the “luna.msstyles” link to install.
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